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Barre Classes

barre class
What is barre?

Barre (pronounced "bar) is an all-levels class focused on creating balance in the body by strengthening and lengthening each muscle group. In under an hour, each muscle group in the body is worked efficiently to fatigue, using a combination of  exercise methods including Pilates, yoga, orthopedic exercises and classical ballet barre movements.

Barre classes are focused on anatomical alignment, and are low- to no-impact for protecting joints. Tiny movements creating big results.

Barre is taught in a group setting, but students get the benefits of personalized attention with verbal and hands-on corrections. 

Get up and get moving!

In addition to my love of nutrition, I am also passionate about barre. First a student and now a teacher, I love the power of movement and exercise in transforming our bodies - physically, mentally, and spiritually

As a movement educator, I view my role as being your personal guide to a challenging and alignment-focused barre class. We offer a full-body workout in under an hour, including stretching and savasana. Students notice a difference in their bodies after just a couple weeks of attending regular class (3 times a week is recommended for best results).


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